Sunday, December 26, 2021


Did you Run Today?

It is the day after Christmas, and it is quite in the house, and I could not wait to put my shoes on and stretch my legs out.  As I ran the sun was rising bright and I thought it will make my run just right for my morning plight.  It was still and quite and there were a few other runners out,

As I ran the miles started to tick by with the first mile so slow, I thought I was going to cry. Mile two there was no boo who for I was warmed up and I felt smooth and true.  Mile three I was a dancing queen slipping and sliding and it was no dream for the ice was not nice, but it did add a little spice.  Mile four I was ready to soar, and I smiled, and I was glad I got out the door. 

Mile five I was feeling the runners high and I new more miles were in my eyes. Mile six was the perfect fix and mile seven felt like a piece of heaven and soon the great mile eight was passing by and all I could say is oh my!  I could see mile nine was on my mind and it was also DeVine!

Mile 10 was dancing in my head, and my legs were not dead and away I sped until mile 10 clicked by and I gasped with a smile for these were great miles!

So, if you have not figured it out yet progressive runs are the best and a staple of my training so I can run my best!

Let us know about your run and training that makes your day the best!

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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Greetings Fellow Runners! 

ITC is pleased to share this blog with you and highlight fun things that we are engaged in.

 Have You ran today? Let us know if you have!

Today was ITC's ugly Sweater run.  We were blessed with sun glistening on the fresh snow and 16 runners with stunning sweaters and a couple puppies with there own sweaters.   The cookies were great and the comradely wonderful!  As we talked about our wonderful sweaters one story stuck in my mind.

A young women with a mauve sweater talked about her sweater.  I believe her sweater had more meaning than any of the other sweaters.  She explained to several of us that this mauve sweater was her fathers.  He wore this wonderful mauve sweater on his first date with her mother many years ago. 

Her mother indicated that her father had every thing she ever wanted but he needed work on his wardrobe. We all laughed and she end with my mother said take good care of this sweater as it meant a lot to her. I truly believe it meant a lot to them even thou it was pretty ugly.

It was a wonderful day and we hope you all can join us again.  For now!

Say la vie

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