Sunday, December 26, 2021


Did you Run Today?

It is the day after Christmas, and it is quite in the house, and I could not wait to put my shoes on and stretch my legs out.  As I ran the sun was rising bright and I thought it will make my run just right for my morning plight.  It was still and quite and there were a few other runners out,

As I ran the miles started to tick by with the first mile so slow, I thought I was going to cry. Mile two there was no boo who for I was warmed up and I felt smooth and true.  Mile three I was a dancing queen slipping and sliding and it was no dream for the ice was not nice, but it did add a little spice.  Mile four I was ready to soar, and I smiled, and I was glad I got out the door. 

Mile five I was feeling the runners high and I new more miles were in my eyes. Mile six was the perfect fix and mile seven felt like a piece of heaven and soon the great mile eight was passing by and all I could say is oh my!  I could see mile nine was on my mind and it was also DeVine!

Mile 10 was dancing in my head, and my legs were not dead and away I sped until mile 10 clicked by and I gasped with a smile for these were great miles!

So, if you have not figured it out yet progressive runs are the best and a staple of my training so I can run my best!

Let us know about your run and training that makes your day the best!

Say la vie

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